ConsultingEmployees(Prof) Dr Kannan Vishwanatth – Researcher and Author: Journey of Journal Impact.

Dr Kannan Vishwanatth is a global opinion maker of contemporary issues and a much sought-after speaker in various international forums. Dr Kannan is credited with reputation for innovation, social connections, track record for value creation and investor expectations for value creation. As a Research Scholar, Dr. Kannan has published many research papers and is associated with many top-notch International Institutions as Editorial Reviewer.

Dr.Kannan Vishwanatth, 47 years, armed with a Chemical Engineering degree he is the Founder and Promoter and Managing Director of Rupus Global Limited. He holds a doctorate in Business Management (Ph.D.). He has an experience of 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry. As the Promoter and Managing Director, Dr. Vishwanatth, has been the backbone of the Company’s operations and is involved in formulating the Company’s strategy. Under his guidance, the Company, ventured into new geographies with a wide product range in various therapeutic segments. His vision and value system have guided the organization towards profitable sustainability. Believing in delegation of responsibility, Dr. Vishwanatth created a professional team and expects Rupus Global Limited to emerge as a global player across multiple therapeutic segments.

In an article he authored for Pharmaleaders, Dr. Kannan Vishwanatth articulates how Covid 19 Crisis has redefined the World Trade, Pharmacy and Healthcare. The Covid Crisis and Opportunities for Human Well-Being. How Covid Changed International Business, Pharmacy and Healthcare. Writing for this well informed and enlightened pundit comes naturally as he is on the editorial board as Member of Science Publishing Group, and Editorial Board of International Journal of Science and Engineering Research.

Pharmaleaders is India’s first opinion based and research driven bi-monthly magazine and has a decade of relentless reporting in Pharma Journalism in an unbiased, fearless and independent way. Over the last one decade, The Magazine has covered some of the biggest voices in the healthcare Industry. Available both in digital and printed format, Pharmaleaders has emerged out as a leading title in voicing the opinion of the healthcare industry.

The article reveals at length about how the regional and local impact of the COVID-19 crisis was highly heterogeneous, with significant implications for crisis management and policy responses. This paper takes an in-depth look at the territorial impact of the COVID- 19 crisis across its different dimensions: health, economic, social and fiscal. It provides a comprehensive overview of national and subnational government response measures to manage the vaccination campaigns across levels of government and mitigate the territorial effects of the crisis. Finally, the paper offers a forward-looking perspective on the crisis’ implications for multi-level governance, as well as points for policy-makers to consider as they build more resilient regions. The health crisis. The economic crisis. Recovering from COVID-19, Policy responses, the differentiate regional impact calls for territorialised policy responses on the health, economic, social, fiscal fronts, and for strong inter-governmental coordination. Key Recommendations, accelerating: How the COVID-19 crisis has considerably accelerated several mega-trends, such as digitalisation and the imperative to transition to a low carbon economy. The increase in remote working could be a game-changer for the spatial equilibrium between urban and rural areas, which could have significant implications for regional development policy.

The Author Kannan Vishwanatth as an academic researcher is a global Citizen and a strong believer in Corporate Social Responsibilities. Over the years, Dr. Kannan has slowly transitioned away from Corporate World and into philanthropic and academic ventures.

Dr. Kannan is richly blessed for his unrelenting contribution to science and for his passionate service towards his craft. Your rewards in life are always in direct proportion to your contributionyour service.


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